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UGA Wind Bands

Virtual Festivals

71st Annual JanFest
30th Annual MidFest

About this year's festivals

Two Evenings of Musical Connection

At UGA Bands we understand that our colleagues across the state are tired and “Zoom-fatigued.” We get it! It’s been an exhausting year. And even though we can’t be together in person for our annual festivals, we still crave musical connection, inspiration, and interaction. We’d like to help.

This year, each festival is one evening of fun, informative, and musically-enriching events that are virtual and offered to you as a “thank you” for all you are doing for your students. We are presenting a series of events in real time: MidFest will be on Saturday, December 12, 2020 and JanFest on Saturday, January 23, 2021, both starting at 6:15pm. We hope that you will join us because we believe they will be fun and informative, but we also understand that you may want a virtual break. So, we will also record them and make them available for you to view at your leisure.

In addition to the events of Saturday evening we will also release a variety of webinars that you can use in your classroom and rehearsal room produced by our faculty colleagues in performance, musicology, theory, and composition here at UGA.  We will post links to live events and webinars on our website.


Complete Schedules

View each program brochure at the links below


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